Sculpture in the Community

The conception and creation of environmental sculpture lends itself to community participation, as it is connected to a specific locality and accesible in its artistic aims. It uses simple, common materials and unsophisticated techniques of construction, so that members of the local community, grown-ups, youth and children can be involved in various stages of the creation process.


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Sculpture in the Community Projects - Selected Examples



Ruskin Mill Youth Training Project - Environmental Sculpture Workshop -1994




harduf community playground



Harduf Community Playground and Park - Kibbutz Harduf - 1995-1998




Kaukab Abu Elhija Environmental Sculpture Path



Kaukab Abu ElHija Environmental Sculpture Path - Kaukab Abu ElHija, Gallilee, Israel, 1998




samania environmental sculpture park



Samania Park for Environmental Art and Ecology - Samania, Gallilee, Israel, 2005 and continuing




Poultney River Entrance - Green Mountain College



Poultney River Entrance - Community Sculpture Project - Green Mountain College, Vermont, USA, 2008




Harduf Community Roundabout



Harduf Community Roundabout - Kibbutz Harduf - Israel - 2011-12




Greening Clal



Greening Clal - Clal Centre - Jerusalem - 2016





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