Laboratory for Sustainability and Social Sculpture


Samania Park

Kibbutz Harduf



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The Laboratory for Sustainability and Social Sculpture



The Laboratory for Sustainability and Social Sculpture is a new initiative for community-based creation and fof taking care of and responsibility for the earth. Its activities are based on the understanding that working for a sustainable future of the planet demands the development of a holistic, spiritual perspective of the earth as a living organism. Promoting sustainability is understood as actively supporting and nurturing life-processes in nature. As well as promoting healing processes for the earth, participation in such work can bring about healing in the individual and the community.

Participation in the activities of the laboratory is open for participants from all backgrounds, including young people from the age of 16. The laboratory is a self-governed, community-based, independent and non-commercial initiative which is based at Samania Park, Kibbutz Harduf. It works in close cooperation with the existing activities in Samania Park and other environmental and agricultural initiatives in the area, in particular the "Gan Habeit" - the organic community vegetable garden of Kibbutz Harduf.






The laboratory aims to



The activities of the Laboratory will commence in October 2014 with working sessions on a weekly basis (Mondays, 9:00 - 17:00), with the option of additional activities on weekends and other days of the week.




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