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Art - Educational institutions:

Alanus University of Art and Social Science, Alfter, Germany

Emerson College Visual Arts - School of Sculpture, Forest Row, Sussex, UK

Oxford Brookes University - School of Art, Oxford, UK

David Yellin Teachers College, Jerusalem, Israel

Artways - Centre for Art Studies and Environmental Initiatives, Kibbutz Harduf, Israel


Social Sculpture:

Social Sculpture Research Unit at Brookes University

The University of the Trees

Exchange Values

Orte des Treffens

Sacred Landscapes -Johannes Matthiessen


Environmental and Co-Existence Projects - Israel:

Shared Landscape - an agricultural co-existence project, Mitzpe Aviv, Israel

Gate of Humanity - an educational communal centre in the Gallilee, Kibbutz Harduf, Israel



Jochen Breme, sculptor, Germany

Lothar Nickel, sculptor, Germany